Swarzstar Facewash Hydrating & Moisturizing / Anti-wrinkle / Brightening Cleansers


Swarzstar Facewash Hydrating & Moisturizing /Anti-wrinkle / Purifying & Brightening Cleansers


Hydrating Face wash & Moisturizing / Anti-wrinkle / Purifying & brightening cleansers


Main Features


Contains rich plant extracts, essence of ingredients that can clean the skin effectively and help improve the moisture balance of the skin, leaving skin feeling smooth, hydrated, moisturized and naturally gentle. Whitening element and Vitamin C are a perfect match to tone color keeping the skin soft and healthy.




Any skin types Men and Women




After Moistening the face, gently massage the face with proper amount of Compound Energy Moisturizing & Anti-Wrinkle Cleanser till foam barrier is generated, then rinse off with clear water to feel a vibrant exclusive feel.


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